Climate Dialogue, and US Uncertain Decision - Movingtrend

Eighth edition Petersberg dialogue on climate ended that the entire participant will do their best at negotiations for climate change slated for November in Germany.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Pursued “a wise and patient course of action”. In March, trump threatened to walk away from the Paris climate change accord and overturn the summit. After threatening of the Trump, Ms. Merkel has done several telephonic conversations since March with President of the USA.

USA ‘Big decision’ to make the position clear on the role US will play internationally.

About climate change, “leaving no one behind”, the South African Environment Minister, Edna Molewa, said. Ms. Merkel was quite clear that convincing the political leadership was only the solution to reduce the planet carbon emission which is deteriorating the climate of the Earth severally. Beautiful suggestion by Ms. Merkel for President of USA specially and general for the deniers of the climate change, referring to them she said, “Even if you don’t believe in climate change, you would do well to use energy and resources conservatively”,

Germany preference is bilateral dialogue on the course of the Climate issue, and wanting to keep the US on the board. It is up to US which had to decide whether he agreed with the Paris Climate change Accord of its own.

On Friday, May 26 43rd G7 summit is began in Sicily.