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As we are familiar with the two types of cell phone: pre-paid and post-paid. Overages only affect the user of post-paid plan. Post-paid user mostly exceeded the limit of data usage that cost them in terms of overage.
Pre-paid users are not affected by the overages because they pay before they use their data, talk, text, and minutes. And once they used their data amount, they need to pay more money before getting the services of more data, talk, text and minutes etc.

Let’s know what is an Overage charge?
Let’s suppose you are a post-paid customer, and you and your service provider must agree on a plan. They are lot of services are offered by the cell phone plans, but you have to choose the one which suits your needs best.
Plan agreement will tell you about your limit of data usage otherwise customer will have to pay more money in the form of overages.
Let’s suppose a situation in which a customer has become the victim of the overage or additional money. You planned unlimited talk and text of 1GB of data. But for assignment purpose you have to use more data and exceeded the limit of given data amount, that over data limit for that you will have to pay overage.

How can avoid overage charges?
In this digital era the amount of data usage per person increased day after day. Carrier offered unlimited data plan to their customer, but there is always limit even with unlimited. Some carrier never offered overage for unlimited plan, but curbing the speed of data usage as once the limit is reached out.

Different service provider offered different plan with the tag of unlimited data usage.

1. T Mobile: they will not charge you when you exceed the limit of data usage but customer encountered with the throttle speed. With T-Mobile you will not charge with the fee or overage.
2. AT & T offered tier data plans which is beginning with 1GB to 30GB. The amount of 30GB of data is so huge because average person is using the data 2.5GB. 30GB data is very well look like an unlimited data tier.
3. Verizon offered a safety mode feature to avoid the overage. It allows the user to pay $5 (dollar) per month to avoid overage but user have to keep the watch on the data usage and that amount will be paid in time. Paying the money does not mean customer never encountered the speed throttling scenario, it will.
4. it also offered a plan so called unlimited tag. Once the limit reached Sprint slows all the way down to 2G speed.

Why do overage charges still exist?
Some customer get too frustrated from the overages charges, they want to take the unlimited plan for the data usage from their service provider. But it is not the case!!!
Some carrier’s claim that they offered unlimited plan for their customers but once the set amount is reached the speed is throttling, but they will not charge you overage.

Tips to avoid data overages Keep a watch on “Cellular data usage” and monitor how much you are using data. Reset Cellular data usage cycle at each month to take the information of your data usage.
Setting: General: Background App Refresh. Refresh it, and closing out all the apps that you are not currently using because the updates and or download constantly leeching off your data all the day
Your wi-fi (wireless-fidelity) needs to be off.
Use cellular data to monitor the utilization of the data usage.
Stay off your cellular as much as possible.