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Shoe thrown at Sheikh Rasheed after his media talks - Movingtrend

10 Mar, 2017 327 0 00min:00sec(s) read
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Honorable shoe! You are going to hit a Politician of the world anywhere any time, ONLY YOU can do this???

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed the Chief of the Awami Muslim League had hit a shoe in his head by the unknown protestor, at the Lahore Railway Station.

Mr. Rashid is in Lahore to attend the final of Pakistan Super League (PSL).  During his address to media, a shoe struck him, he thanked the Railway Minister Saad Rafique for arranging protocol at the train station.

Incidence of shoe protest in the recent history are found very cordial welcome in Pakistan After the 2008 shoe protest against the then President of USA George W. Bush. Who had enjoyed 21st century Shoe Protest against his political decision; an Iraqi journalist had done this.

 Democratic will is somewhere or everywhere existed with its common height, called Shoe Protest.

Shoe Protest is a symbol of deep and acute hate against anyone or against any politician.

In April 2014, Punjab Chief Minister narrowly escaped from a shoe that hurled at him. This time that act was done by the journalist but he had missed his target.

Shoe protest is getting fame with the passage of time, for hitting against politicians particularly.


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