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Facebook messenger finally introduced a dislike button, using that reaction it will give easy access to its users to show or express their reactions.
Facebook confirmed this new feature to TechCrunch, “We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.”

Hover over a message and tap the emoji button to add a Reaction
Currently not everyone has access to that Reaction, but if the people enjoy it then it will roll out to all users. When any user hover over a message which a friend has sent in a chat, you can tap the emoji button to pick from attaching a little thumbs up Like, thumbs-down Dislike, heart-eyes, lol, wow, sad and angry emoji. Everyone in the thread will see the reaction.
Emoji counter reaction will appear below, and doing tap you can see in chat thread who will left which reaction.

Messenger reactions are similar in a format to iMessage’s , which is pioneered by the Slack’s Emoji Reactions. Facebook has not added a dislike button in the News Feed Reactions, and dislike Emoji simply means “No”. Example during chat anyone could ask yes/no question and using dislike button user easily demonstrated that it would agree or not.
Despite all these requests for Dislike button, the most frequently used reaction of Facebook is “Love” and it make up more than half of the all reactions. The more convenient the Facebook Messenger, better it would complete with the other social networks like Snap chat, Line, Google’s messaging apps.
Giving easy way to express user’s emotions or reactions, it would engage the billion users of the Facebook.

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