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Many connected devices can make up the iOT(internet of things). In this digital era a lot of devices are manufactured and put into the consumer bucket. But with one drawback which called the lack of security. And cyber attackers are taking the advantage of that drawback.

iOT devices can be hacked as the traditional computer could be hacked. It is up to the developer in creation process of any device, they must put the security a top priority from the beginning.

Hijackers are using different ways to hijack the iot devices.

Malware and infected code of iOT at manufacturing level:

Internets of devices are manufactured in factories and these devices are infected by malware and malicious code. Jos Nazario, a director of security research at Fastly conducted iOT botnet analysis and found that iOT devices are probed for vulnerabilities 800 times per hour by attackers across the world.

Nazario also found that average of over 400 login per device and 66 percent of them are successful and once the device is infected, it can begin launching an attack within the 6 minutes of going online.

Universal Plug and Play (uPNP)

Plug- and – Play is a technology that provides instant, and direct connection to network-enabled devices. Plug and play devices are connected to router to accept data from outside and that adventure is also put those uPNP devices at risk because it exposes your device to the rest of the world.

There are specialized search engine, when anyone hook up his/her device to the internet, these engine locate and index online devices irrelevant to their choice.

Cellular Network

Myth is connected the device to internet it gives the hackers an opportunity to attack devices. When you make a phone call anybody in the vicinity of your cellular network can tapped your phone and listen your calls with fake cell id. To access a device is as simple as to visit a website.

Reverse Engineering

To build a product is engineering process, and then separated its component to elemental level to find its vulnerabilities and hardcoded credentials. Most technology companies make the reverse engineering of product difficult as possible.

Hackers could build firmware to bypass the password and signing key, which make their access legitimate and uploaded malicious code to the devices.

To avoid these vulnerabilities consumers must check their security, and make sure that the router is secure. And iOT manufacturing companies are also responsible to ensure the security of their product.

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