Assassination in Ankara December 2016 - Movingtrend

World is wonder about the unexpected outcome of the terrorism. When someone has the enmity about some particular state then its people has reacted. Same has happened in Ankara against the Russian ambassador (Andrey Karlov).

Putin’s press conference against that assassination would reveal nothing but a calm policy. World stepping up against terrorism like in after September eleven, world was stepped up against terrorism with the coalitions of USA, and still suffering from its repercussions.

Fall of Aleppo with the help of Russian army, has a lot of hatred among the Sunni’s Muslims. Now, it’s difficult for Russia to maintain a friendly relationship among the central Asia and Middle East countries. Iran a Shia majority country coalition with Russia, definitely Aleppo fall would prove the Russian fanaticism.

A decade and half world was stepped up with aggression of might is right. This was sponsored by USA and western alliance.  That aggression is named as terrorism.

Now world will step up with fanaticism of Russia, which is again named as terrorism.

What is actually terrorism?


Game by world’s superpowers has been playing since 2001, to maintain regional hegemony in 21st century. And a stage shows that I’m more barbaric than you.