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Apple iPhone 8 tipped to get Face-recognition technology using ‘revolutionary’ Front-Facing Camera - Movingtrend

APPLE seems set to step up from using fingerprint scanning as a security device to a “revolutionary” technology that identifies people with a quick selfie.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is recognised as being a good tipster of upcoming Apple products, has predicted the upcoming iPhone 8 expected to be launched in September will have a front-facing camera made up of three units that will identify people using a 3D scan of their face.

The technology involves using three cameras in one: an infra-red transmitter, and infra-red receiver and a conventional camera.

The two infra-red units add to the image captured by the conventional camera to create a 3D model of a 2D image.

While security is the first likely use of the technology, another tip is that the technology will easily allow people to make 3D digital avatars of themselves to immerse in game playing.

Kuo says the system will bring “an innovative user experience" and predicts the 3D modelling technology could be added to rear camera in the future which would boost the DSLR-mimicking mode of creating a shallow depth of field that Apple launched last year in the iPhone 7 Plus.


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