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Movingtrend – Thursday December 21, 2017

There was no good news for the Pakistani travelers who were willing to go to UAE and celebrate the New Year event. On Wednesday, Travel Agent Associations of Pakistan (TAAP) notified the Pakistani travelers that the UAE has bans association agents for applying any visit visa application.
UAE Resume issuing Pakistani Travelers Visit Visas

But now the UAE government has started again to issue the visit visas to the Pakistani Nationals, it is said by the Travels Agents Association Chairman Naeem Sharif. He also added that the visit visas were not issued to Pakistanis due to some technical problems.

Previous Status:
The Travel Agent Association of Pakistan stated that the UAE has also refused former visas application without giving any solid cause. Chairman to TAAP says that the UAE visa Authorities didn’t even mention any hint/cause of this act.

No official statement has been produced by the UAE Embassy in Pakistan about this matter. In addition to this issue, Mr. Nadeem Sharif Vice Chairman of TAAP also says that this ban will be annulled from the start of new year. Association Chairman said: ” The applications were rejected and directions have been given to travel agents not to apply until further notice.”

Currently, more than 300, 000 Pakistanis are already in UAE on visit visa. He assured that this ban is short-lived and will be lifted after the New Year.

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