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Movingtrend – Wednesday December 13, 2017

Google Pixels mobiles get the features of the ‘Stars Wars’ and ‘Strangers Things’ Augmented Reality (AR) stickers. Now, the users of the Pixels phones are express their feelings with virtual characters and emojis.
Users of the Pixels phones are bundled with AR Stickers of Stars Wars and Strangers Things

The feature of the AR Stickers works with the Camera App and limited for the Google Pixle phones. It is just the beginning more bundles will be unveiled during changing seasons, vacations and definitely for pop culture events.

Company said in a statement: ”Users can team up with "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" characters like BB-8 and R2-D2, or even stage fun moments with Eleven, the Demogorgon, and other characters from Netflix's 'Stranger Things'. Or use Foodmoji stickers to make it clear that you're feeling hungry, 3D Text for when you really want to title your life or shoot a celebratory video at a New Year's party complete with animated AR balloons, cake, and champagne. ”

According to the Verge comments these features will be available on the Pixels phones that runs the Android 8.1 and above. Users can make sure that the Pixel is on the latest software and then use this feature of AR Stickers. Google has made available this feature for the users.

How to use AR Stickers:
1. Open the Google Camera App
2. Then open the Left Navigation Menu
3. Then Select AR Stickers from the camera mode.
4. The list of available character are given in Bottom
5. Drag them onto the Camera feed and place them according to your wish

Apple’s latest operating system iOS 11 is promoting the use of the AR-base App. The ARKit is available in iPhone, and users can take the benefit of dozens of App on the App Store.

Augmented Reality (AR) bundle will give the new experience to the users. The 3D Characters and Emojis that come to life and users can select from the AR Sticker to tell their stories or feelings and emotions.

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