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Movingtrend- Tuesday December 19, 2017

HMD Global inexpensive smartphone Nokia 5 launched at MWC 2017. Nokia 5 went through the durability test on JerryRigEverything’s Youtube Channel.
Bend, Burning, Scratch Test of Nokia 5

Durability test gave tough time to Nokia 5, and include bend, burning and scratch tests to investigate how Nokia 5 was strong.

Scratch Test:
The video begins with Scratch test, and scratches yielded on level 6 of the Moch Scale. And then find the durability of the Home button and the front camera, and both endured the scratch test. Nokia 5 front is proved durable.

Now come to the back of the Nokia 5, Nokia 5 logo on back is vulnerable to scratches but the rear camera is protected by glass, and no scratches draw on rear camer sensor, unlike Nokia 3. Rear flash is protected by tough glass and JerryRigEverything said about this feature: ”alone is reason enough to spend a bit more money and jump up to the Nokia 5.”

Burn Test:
And then the burning test of Nokia 5 is done, and it was exposed to flame for 10 seconds and burned the display. This happened when the screen was subject to maximum brightness.


Bend Test:
As HMD Global purchased the smartphone brand, but it never affected the hardware durability of the Nokia; and it successfully passed the bend test.

Nokia 5 – Ohh!!! Here is my HighLights:

Processor :
OS :
Android 7.1.1
Display :
Front Camera :
Resolution :
720x1280 pixels
Storage :
Rear Camera :
Battery :

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