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Movingtrend – Monday December 25, 2017

The Hacker Group names “Mallu Cyber Soldiers” have hacked the official website of Karachi Police. And they are stated that they belong from Kerala Region of India.
Indian hacks Karachi Police Official Website and Authorities seem to be Unaware

Indian hackers have hacked the Karachi Police official Website and posted their name and logo on the website. Authorities seem to be ignorant of the issue after days website is still up and running. The hacker group claims that they are from Indian region named Kerala.

The website still is not recovered and hacked. You can check the efficiency of the Police authorities By visiting the link Click . You can view the hackers hit portion by hovering the top rated news portion of the website. The hackers group name “Mallu Cyber Soldiers” is displayed and exactly below it “We Love India” is written. Hackers say that they are making their voice received attention against “injustice and discrimination.”

It has become trend to hack the websites of other countries key departments. Pakistan hackers have also gifted this gesture for Indians on many events. Last month, Pakistani hackers hacked the Indian Police Department official website and left the message of “freedom for India.”

Now, this time how the Pakistanis hackers will respond to this act of the Indian hackers? It remains to be seen.

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