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Movingtrend – Friday December 15, 2017

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Imran Khan has clarified from the case over off-shore companies, the verdict is announced today.
Imran Khan in Jinnah Cap

The Supreme Court had already delivered a verdict on November 14 which was filed by the PML-N leader Haneef Abbasi last year. On Thursday addressing to the Lawyers at Karachi Bar Association, the PTI Chairman wore Jinnah Cap. The Social media reacted on his act of wearing cap and the reaction were mixed, some like it and some didn’t.

The Lawyers presented the Cap to the Imran Khan:

Some remember Sabri Brothers.

Some memorize childhood.

Good to see you in Jinnah Cap.

It is pleasant to see you in Cap, as it presented to you. Happy.

Oppsss! Liberalism.

Jinnah Cap predicted next PM of Pakistan

Its an early act to wore Jinnah Cap

And then comparison with WHO is Un-parallel

What a style!!!

What you think about the this act of the PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Share your comment below.

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