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Movingtrend – Monday December 11, 2017

Forbes released the lists of the highest paid Youtube stars of the 2017, and it enlisted the name of the Lilly Singh (Superwoman) and Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (of Smosh fame).
Highest-paid Youtuber: Forbes list

According to the Forbes, the top highest-paid Youtube stars of 2017 with billions of views on their channels. The name of the top highest-paid You Tube stars and their earnings are given below in details.

1. Name: Daniel Middleton – Channel Name: DanTDM – Earning: $16.5 million
Daniel Middleton has reached the top of the YOUTUBE highest-paid list. He boasted 11billions views on his channel.

2. Name: Evan Fong – Channel Name: VanossGaming – Earning: $15.5millions
This channel begins in 2011 and it has 21 million subscribers. It has over 8billions views, this channel is famous for the funny in-game skits and sketches.

3. Name: Dude Perfect – Channel Name: Dude Perfect – Earning: $14millions
The five friends are performed crazy stunts and stupid tricks to amaze the You Tube audience. The content created by the Dude Perfect goes viral.

4. Mark Fischbach and Logan Paul – Channel Name: Markiplier – Earnings: $12.5 million
The Mark Fischbach is popular for the dramatic commentary on popular games and Logan Paul is famous for regular uploads of the Vlog.

6. Name: Felix Kjellberg – Channel Name: PewDiePie – Earning: $12 million
The PewDiePie is now on the fifth position after topping the Forbes list for two years. This channel has 57 million subscribers that call themselves Bro ‘Army’.

7. Name: Jake Paul – Channel Name: Jake Paul – Earning: $11.5 million
Jake Paul is another Vlogger, it operates the successful Youtube channel. He starred in shows of the Disney channel and lives in Los Angeles now.

8. Name: Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox and Ryan ToysReview – Channle Name: Smosh – Earning: $11 million
Smosh is the successful Youtube Channle and tying the seventh position with Ryan ToysReview. The co-founder of the Smosh Padilla and Hecox have been making viral contents from the decade. But split in june, and Six year old Ryan review the children toys.

10. Name: Lilly Singh – Channel Name: Lilly Singh – Earning: $10.5 million
The tenth position is secured by the Lilly Singh channel. She portrayed Punjabi mother and Punjabi Father in comedy Sketches gained huge audience attention and popularity. ‘How to Be Bawse’ is her successful book.

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