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Movingtrend – Thursday December 28, 2017

A good news for the Pakistani gaming lovers that a new Virtual Reality Gaming zone has opened in Islamabad. Now, there is no need to spend on headsets, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR.
VR Gaming Zone Opens in Islamabad

The first ever Virtual Reality Gaming Zone VR Sensation has been opened and situated at 153H Lower Ground, D Block Phase 4 Civic Center, Bahria Town, Islamabad. The fans of the VR gaming environment could visit this sight which is family-friendly and room-sized, absolutely new thing to explore.

List of Available Games at VR Sensation:
1. Zombie Survival
2. First Person Shooters
3. Ocean Explorers
4. Boxing
5. Roller Coaster
6. Ice Skiing
7. Table Tennis
8. Cricket

VR Sensation Gaming zone is provided the cheap and easier solutions for those who can’t afford the headsets or other gaming equips. The folks at VR Sensation is provided with HTC Vive for the PC and PSVR headsets for the Playstation 4 for playing the games.

This equipment is expensive enough, the headsets will cost the users more than Rs. 60, 000 and add the value of VR capable PC or PS4, and it is expensive for the economical class.

Let’s watch a video experience of VR Sensation:

When to Visit – and Pricing Details
VR Sensation will remain open from 2:00PM to 11:00PM.
Single Player: Single Player VR costs for 15 minutes Rs. 300/- and for 30 minutes Rs. 800.
Multiple Players or Group or Family: Group or family can avail this offer for Rs. 375/person for 15 minutes and Rs. 600/person for 30 minutes. If you want to or get more information about the VR Sensation Click

The residence of Islamabad or near can avail this VR Gaming entertainment relatively on cheaper and easier fix. It is for all regular joes and janes.

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