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Movingtrend – Monday December 25, 2017

The new Android P is hoped to introduce with the new Carrier feature to hide the signal strength in setting. This feature will be unveiled in coming year.
Carrier receive the option to hide signal strength in SIM status

The hint of the development is found in a piece of code developed for Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is pointed by folks at XDA Developers, on Android Open Source Project site. According to this carrier will obtain the choice to hide the signal strength in the ”SIM Status” in settings. Google is doing this to satisfy some carriers who requested to change the visibility status of signals on the future Android Version.

Signal strength reveals/measures the performance of networks on multiple devices. The quality of network to transfer enhanced voice and data connectivity is subjected to the Signal Strength. By introducing the Hide Signal Feature on coming Android version, it depends on the Carrier that they want the users to judge the quality of their networks or not. It seems like an edge for the carries. As the signal strength is measured in dBm or asu units, and used to compare the performance of the networks.

This feature will not affect the third party Apps, it clearly reveals that no changes will be found in Android APIs. And you can view the signal strength on your future Android devices by downloading third party Apps. But Google might limit that part as well.

Why did the Carriers request to hide the signal strength? Might be they don’t want to know the users how their devices are performing on the network. Yet no official reason is given by the certain carriers.

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