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Movingtrend – Tuesday December 5, 2017

Three Birds in a Valley cry with pain against the unexpected hard noise made by the human. It disturbs my heartbeat and I have no choice to fly making noise, said the Sallow.

Fellow was very excited to watch the view of the Spring Sunlight. He assisted Sallow and Zallow to see the view of the Golden Sunlight of Spring season at the tree which was near the human town.
Sorry I could not go with you, said Sallow. Why don’t you go with me? said Fellow. Sallow: it is dangerous place to visit, very near to this view most of the time the noise of firing and stones throwing is come out. I have been seen this scene lot of time, when the loud noise made by the human, my heartbeat get out of control. And I don’t have choice but to fly making noise. Oh! Come on sallow. We control our heartbeat if this noise made by the people. We will never fly, Fellow said.

Zallow was listening the conversation of his friends, then he broke the silence and spoke, Dear Fellow, few days ago I was flying over the town and I also heard the big sound and when hard loud sound is ended then people gathered around the man, he was crying with pain. I flew at lower height and wanted to see what had happened here. Then I saw that the red color liquid was flowing from the body of the man. Then suddenly the crowd was angered and began crying, the four men was carried the body of the man. And, this man was silent and can’t move anymore.

I followed the crowd, you know! he was dead by this loud noise. Sorry dear, Sallow was right it’s really dangerous to visit the place of your choice.

Fellow told to his friends, oh come on. I’m not kid, okay. I know all the dangers but the good things lies with us is that we are not going to be the part of the human protest, and definitely in return there is no bullet firing against us. We are birds not human, and we should go.

They flew in the air and reached the place of Fellow’s choice. The three birds were sat on the tree, exactly in front of the sun, and to feel the warm, golden sunlight of the sun. Suddenly they heard the same loud sound of the bullet, but this time they don’t fly and control their heartbeat.

They were enjoying the neat scenes of the spring, shining of the flowers, coloring of the nature and dance of the leaves. They are completely lost in the love and feel of the spring season. Suddenly, same sharp, loud noise hit the Fellow.

Fellow instantly landed on the ground from tree with pain. Exactly the same red color! shouted Zallow. Fellow was cried with pain, and was saying, I’m not the part of any protest. I’m not interested, even oh I’m not interested. I should want to enjoy the love and blessings of the Spring.

Fellow was no more and died. Zallow and Sallow first time in their lives felt the pain of lost. They were shocked by uninvited, unexpected moment that let the Fellow to fall on ground. Both were seeing the dead body of the Fellow, rays of the Sun looked as these were kissing the Fellow. The body of the Fellow was shined among the luxurious flowers.

Sallow and Zallow don’t have choice but to fly making a noise. They spread the message to all birds never ever in their lives try to control the heartbeat of your heart. Whenever you listen the hard and sharp noise react against it, may be it hit the Fellow.

Since then every part of the World, whenever the Birds heard the sharp and noisy sound they flew making a noise, saying that we protest against this noise. Just because of this noise hit the Fellow and birds lost him. We don’t give you other Fellow again.

Birds are still protesting with same pain, and anger. We protest exactly like birds against inhuman act think!!!! still lot of hard and sharp noise heard in Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

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