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Movingtrend – Monday November 20, 2017

Xiaomi the Chinese handset manufacturing company has become the fifth largest smartphone brand in Russia in third Quarter of (Q3)2017. It is reported by the Counterpoints’s Market Monitor service.
Xiami as the Fifth Largest smartphone Brand

Xiaomi has become the fifth largest smartphone brand in Russia in Q3 2017. the Associate Director at Counterpoint Research (Counterpoint Technology Market Research), Tarun Pathak, said in a statement, ” Xiaomi grew by 325 per cent YoY and was the fastest growing smartphone brand in Russia in both online as well as offline sales.”

The Xiaomi smartphone shipment is grew by 7 percent by year and 38 per cent in third quarter of 2017. Minakshi Sharma, Research Associate at Counterpoint Research (Counterpoint Technology Market Research) said: ” The Russian handset market grew during this quarter driven by aggressive marketing campaigns by new Chinese brands and subsequent price cuts from all the leading retail chains as consumer spending during third quarter of the year normally remains high due to the new academic year and a 'back-to-school' uptick.”

The contribution of the online network smartphone has boosted from 12 per cent to 15 per cent YoY in Russia. During this period, Apple and Xiaome were in the list of leading smartphone brands in online sales. Pathak Said: “Apple reached record sales during the third quarter, growing 56 percent YoY due to a drop in the prices of its previous generation iPhone models, prior to the launch of the new iPhones.”

Global brands captured the 58% of the smartphone market and Chinese brand captured 32% of the smartphone market. Xiaomi captured 325%, Bright and Quick 177%, Huawei 140% were the fastest growing chines brand YoY.

Source – FirstPost

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