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Movingtrend – Saturday November 18, 2017

The Sleeping Buddah has been unearthed during digging near the Bhamala Stupa in Haripur District, this statue is centuries old. It is the world oldest Buddha and open the new chapters of curiosity and research.
World Oldest ‘Sleeping Buddha’

Dr. Abdul Samad Director of Directorate Archaeology and Museum of KPK said, ”The 48-feet long 'sleeping Buddha' statue dates back to the third century, which makes it the world's oldest 'sleeping Buddha' statue.”

Dr. Abdul Samad told DawnNews that during the digging process the archaeologists found the statue, with its head complete and unbroken near Bhamala Stupa. He said, ”We have discovered more than 500 Buddha-related objects during excavations, in addition to the 48-feet long 'sleeping Buddha. ”

This newest discovery of the 3rd century oldest Sleeping Buddha in Haripur District has opened the new chapter of investigation and curiosity in the history of the Oldest Taxilla Valley Civilisation.

Source – Dawn

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