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Movingtrend – Friday November 10, 2017

Why the dog is greedy? Why not the cat [Because she is cutteeee] why not the beast [Because he is dangerous.?] We human beings learn some moral lessons of life from animals. It is good and excited to learn lessons from the creature which is much known to us. But are the dogs happy with the status of Greediness. Is this status is not painful for their specie?
Why, Why not?

Once upon a time there was dog, who was very greedy. But you know generations have been passed but that dog is still greedy and will forever live as greedy dog till the end of the World.

Once upon a time there was dog who was passing through a town and found a bone, He picked up the bone and ran away. In his way the stream was flowed he was just crossing the bridge. What a beautiful town had stream flowing near it.

Then suddenly he watched in a stream and saw image of his own. You know, When he picked the bone from the town he was hungry at that time. He fascinated by imagination of the two bones instead of one It is the claim of the creator of the Story Greedy Dog and he wanted another bone as well. He barked, and bone had fallen in the stream. Then he barked! Barked! and barked. But all in vain the dog who had bone at that time in his mouth now it had fallen.

Greed is curse.

But the Dogs of the 21st century claimed, their ancestors were not greedy at all. They put forward some arguments for defending their claims. Let’s listen what they are saying:

Firstly, Our ancestor had picked a bone from the town and never eaten it at the spot This decision is enough to proof him innocent he was not greedy.. He wanted a peaceful place for his lunch, and he went through the town and passed stream to enjoy its meal.

As the story suggested that the water of the stream was so clean and neat; he had clearly seen his beauty first time in his life and was instantly fascinated by his natural beauty. His eyes was wide opened and he said to himself, ”is he, I’m. Oh Waooooo” ! and the bone had fallen in the stream.

Where the greed is lies to this story of our ancestor? The story teller had portrayed the bad image of our ancestor. He even never told you the charm, beauty and handsomeness of the former dog. To just giving the moral lesson, he made our generations are greedy and we are the big spot of greediness in the world.

We are not greedy at all, we are just the victim of the writer, and our claim is to find greediness in other species, you get more greedier species in this world than us, we are the just victim of writer just victim. Centuries have been passed but the writer never wants to change a stance about us.

It is our appeal to the whole world please why we are greedy, why not the cat, why not the beast? We know we are greedy and will remain forever greedy because we don’t have :
the Organization like UNO, to proof us innocent.
Alliance with superpowers, to support us and veto the claim about greediness.

There is lot of species in this world are greedier, wickeder and dangerous. No one talking and naming them according to their acts, Like Israel is greedy towards the Palestine, India is greedy towards Kashmir and America is greedy of power. So why the moral lessons can’t be learn from the nations.

Once upon a time there was nation that was ---??? Why not ???

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