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Movingtrend – Friday November 17, 2017

The Star Wars BattleFront II, it is the latest Star Wars game from EA and DICE. In Star Wars BattleFront II developers have introduced some big changes to the series. It is released on November 17.
The Star wars BattleFront II is released on November 17

In 2015 Star Wars BattleFront version the DLC Characters and Maps are not freely given away to the all players, but in BattleFront II the DLC character and Maps are freely available to all players. But this time game introduces the microtransactions for the loot crates.

The Star Wars Battlefront II is also initiated a full single player Campaign that is place between the events of Return of Jedi and The Force Awakens and set players in the role of the Iden Versio. Iden Versio is the leader of the Imperial Special forces squad named Inferno Squad.


Platforms : The Star Wars Battlefront II is released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17.

About MicroTransactions :

Today the Star Wars Battlefront II is going to release and in early hours the EA released a statement confirming that the Microtransactions is removed temporarily. DICE boss Oskar Gabrielson said, ”We've heard the concerns about potentially giving players unfair advantages. And we've heard that this is overshadowing an otherwise great game. This was never our intention. Sorry we didn't get this right.”

All in-game buying are removed now, with all progress. Now EA must bring back the microtransactions “at later date” but not right now. Gabrielson said, ”We have created a game that is built on your input, and it will continue to evolve and grow.”

Microtransactios are real money which the player spends to unlock items or weapons that really affect the gameplay. It is commonly available in AAA games today. Let’s wait, when will microtransactions return and which type of offers it will give to its players or just comes with cosmetic options only.

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