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Movingtrend – Tuesday November 7, 2017

A very surprised gestures by the both companies Intel and AMD, both have decided to develop a single Chip which combines the Intel’s CPU architecture and AMD graphics Technology. These combined efforts ensure its users that the developed chip will be thin and light notebook for the excited gamers, and its performance will be exactly the same as the discrete Notebook GPUs delivering today.
Mobile 8th Generation Core CUP

This collaboration has been in gossips for some time that the Intel was in talk to attain AMDs Radeon Technologies Group to compete better with the Nvidia. The new developed chip will be a single chip not a product line at all. This Chip will be the part of Intel’s 8th Generation Notebook Processor lineup. It is expected that this will hit the market in first quarter of the 2018.

Intel’s new Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) technology let the varied CPU and GPU to co-exist on single chip and communicate with each other efficiently. Intel also claimed that the company has developed a Sharing Framework allows the power to be supplied and balance among CPU, GPU and embedded Graphics Memory.

The final product of combined efforts will be “multi-Chip Processor Package”. It will use the 3D-stacked HBM2 memory.The AMD and HBM2 claim that it use less power and accommodate less space as compared to the GDDR5.

Intel’s 8th Generation Chips has no improvements in graphics, Intel’s Graphics development are not up to its competitors. On the other hand the AMD has weak CPUs. What will be the name of the product which is going to develop by the venture of the both Companies, and how it will sell in the market?

According to the Users perspective it will be thin and lightweight laptop more graphics horsepower. What will be the actual performance of this product, no data has revealed yet?

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