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Movingtrend - Saturday November 4, 2017

Dear Earth we are industrialized human beings. We are more civilized, more luxurious than our ancestors. We are more investigative, you know we are educated enough to write you a letter, we are sorry! Consistently we are destroying your climate. You are the victim of the human activities and in return the human is also paying for in the form of increasing temperature, occurrences of heat waves, and record breaking hot summer. Human the sole responsible of Climate Change.

Last Friday a report published by government of United States with the name of Climate Science Special Report, this report is the essence of the 13 Federal agencies analysis, research and investigation. And this report reported that only the human are the sole responsible of the Climate Change.

The report lauded the human beings for climate Change, ”It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century”

This report is published by the United States after ever four year. According to data published in this report showing that the Global Temperature had increased round about 1.8 Degrees, and past three years are the hottest one’s ever recorded. The Earth temperature is increased due to industrial revolution which had started from 18th century.

As the Climate is changing the glaciers are melting, in result the sea level is raising. The occurrences of the heat waves have been increasing since a decade. Report suggested that these conditions will be worst in coming days.

But the Influential leader like Mr. Trump doesn’t pay attention to such findings. No country wants to sacrifice its economic benefit at the cost of shutting down of its industrial projects, just for protecting environment.

It is necessary to take initiative to protect the Earth from Climate Change, and make the development in Eco-Friendly environment. Otherwise no way to save the planet from getting hotter.

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Image courtesy– lademajagua