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Movingtrend – Monday November 20, 2017

Once upon a time there was an Island named ‘Hain Byen Shyen’. The people of this land are addicted to the rating of gossips. There was competition that whose gossip will be rated high.
Why, Why not

The rule of the Island was that a big gossip means a top rating, so everyday people came and told about their gossips. Obviously the rating process were done by the common people of the Island, they only rated the gossips, they didn’t have any other job to do but to rate.

One day a gossip teller told a big gossip, people were attracted a lot and started to listen him. He had drawn the absolute intention of the people. The common thing about the common people were that they fascinated by the big gossip, probably they were addicted to the small scale gossips. So, they needed a big gossip.

Gossip teller started his gossip, I manufactured a special and charming gossip for you, so are you ready to listen it. People appealed by his gesture, and gathered around him. He told once upon a time I was gone in perfect world, there I had seen people were imperfect. I realized the world is perfect but how could the people imperfect.

Perfect world means good transportation was available, good education, amazing services were given, and definitely pure nutrition were available. Kids were healthy and intelligent, women were empowered and energetic, men dominated and happy, means everything was living on its natural created cause.

There were no media at all, definitely no honor killing was reported, and no vibes of pain were felt. But I told you people are imperfect. In short no ups and no downs in that world. My question was that in a perfect world how would the imperfect people survived.

I asked this question to the imperfect people how is it possible? They answered our surrounding is perfect and we were used to it, we need something different, new, appealing and fascinating. They explained: One day a mentor was teaching the addition method to the crowd.
2 + 2 = 4

2 + 2 = 4 ,
The gesture of the people was bored.

Suddenly, The Mentor said:
2 + 2 = 22
, the crowd said wao, (O hello: it was not a character string of programming in Computer)

Then why had you lead them wrongly? I wanted that they developed some interests. So from this day people became very enthusiastic to learn gossips instead of the reality. Mentor said a big gossip means a big crowd gathering, big gathering means a big rating.

They needed something different at the cost of reality and exactness. For the sake of pleasure or entertainment they sacrificed the perfection of their own personalities. In an Island ‘Hain Byen Shyen’ people realized the importance of reality in contrast to fake-ism.

We are also the part of the rating World, we are also losing perfection of our personalities. A big Gossip teller is became the symbol of big rating.

Recently a gossip teller admitted that in Social media and said:

“You know, I’m the part of Channel gossips,”
You don’t know then I admit that I’m the part of Gossips
Why don’t you understand, I admit that I’m gossip teller and want to make people imperfect just for rating.

Once upon a time an Island like ‘Hain Byen Shyen’ which tried a lot to make people …. Why? Why not !!!

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