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Movingtrend – Tuesday November 7, 2017

Tesla the electric car maker company has provided new feature updates to the Model S and Model X. The Tesla call this new feature “Chill: a new Acceleration” . This feature gives the option to drive smoothly and gently.
Chill: a feature for the Modle S and Modle X of Tesla cars

The Chill feature is noteworthy change, from the automakers earlier mode or feature called “ Insan and Ludicrous”, this feature was more prone to performance. Now the driver can choose from the two different options of Acceleration available in Tesla Car. Chill and Standard: The company claim about the new Chill Feature :

“Chill makes acceleration more gradual - ideal for smoother driving and a gentler ride for your passengers”.

The electric cars are well-known for their instant torque, and in electric cars engine it has high priority in performance. Tesla also introduced another feature in 2017.44 update. It is reported that it provides facilitation in Exiting Tesla’s vehicles. The company claims about this exiting feature :

After you return to the vehicle, they automatically adjust back to the recent driving profile when you step on the brake. Or, if your keyfob is linked to your driver profile, the seat and steering wheel adjust accordingly. As always, you can restore your profile by selecting it from the list.

Tesla is providing its update to the vehicles, but it takes some time to reach all of its customers, to receive it and get comfort from it.

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