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Movingtrend – Sunday November 19, 2017

Aamir Liaqat the most rating anchor of the Pakistani Media has left the Bol TV on money disputes. He took twitter to announce the resignation from Bol TV. He alleged the Bol TV is yet to clear his dues. Aamir Liaqat is the Pioneer of the Ramzan Transmission, and best rating anchor.
Dr. Amir Liaqat Leaves Bol TV

Aamir Liaqat has the developed a lot of controversies and cautioned the media men to not to join BOL TV. On other hand BOL TV has said to use twitter account to announce a resignation is very unprofessional behavior by the anchor. BOL TV also mentioned that the anchor had not informed the BOL Channel and its management earlier about his decision.

In response to Aamir Resignation BOL TV said :

Being an Anchor on BOL TV Aamir Liaqat criticized openly some personalities but he was very quick to apologize from all those who were hurt. He alleged that it was the BOL TV administration to forces him to criticize about certain people.

Anchor also alleged that the BOL TV had not given land cruisers and planed in Ramzan Transmission winner.

Aamir Liaqat is very controversial anchor and he has spoiled his relations almost all major media groups of Pakistan. Media gossips suggesting that he is yet to lock a deal with any other media channel. The question is that he said GoodBye to BOL TV, on financial disputes. He is not eligible to blame the BOL TV at all and expose its lies to the world; because he was too the part of fake shows and fakes awards distribution in Ramzan Transmission.

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