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Movingtrend – Tuesday October 31, 2017

This is what we think is necessary. And if you don’t want to do that, don’t feel you can do it, we’ll adjust our tactics and our strategies to achieve the same objective a different way. “A different way”, Mr. Tillerson with or without terrorism visited Islamabad last week.

Last week US Secretory of State Rex Tillerson has visited Islamabad, in review statement he explained “a different way” is not a threat to Pakistan. He vividly said “if you (Pakistan) don’t want to do that”, don’t do that. We will settle our aims or strategies to get the same result a different way.

How carelessly America treated Pakistan, let’s elaborate this statement
Pakistan do that, if you don’t we achieve the same objective a different way”

In primary Schools a teacher mostly passed remark to the stupid students in such way, Learn the lesson, if you don’t I have different way.

Pakistan has paying for terrorism since 2001, Pakistan is not a stupid student in war against Terrorism after all, and Pakistan is the experienced student. And of course its public also has done master degree in facing unexpected terrorists attacks.

Still so-called Super-Power is threating us like primary school Teacher. A different way means may be Involvement of India, or Extension of Hunt and Kill Operation in Afghanistan.

Trump Administration is very keen and interested to show arm Power in Afghanistan. America perception in War against terrorism is changed now, it has developed strategy that this could be win by arm and ammunitions power. On August 21, when President Trump revealed South Asian Policy, in this regard he expelled a strong opinion that the war can be win by force and power.

Since August 21, America continuously undermines Pakistan’s effort in war against terrorism. And now recently a visit of Mr. Tillerson with or without terrorism, showed a violent gesture in statement for Pakistan. Later on, when he reviewed his visit he said, it is total mischaracterization of the statement or America’s dictator style. He said, Pakistan is sovereign country and it does whatever is good for it.

Image - NBCnews