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Prototyping Model is the rough version of the Software development. Prototyping Model revealed restricted functional potential. And performance measurement is also low as compared to other Software development Models. It uses shortcuts for the development of the Software Product. It uses replica functions and fake calls (like stubs) for the rapid delivery of the Software Product.

The most effective use of the Prototype is to create urgent reports, messages, data input arrangement, and display output. It is used to create the immediate the Customer Product Screens formats, designing of the user interface, and output which is according to the customer requirements. Prototype Modeling is very efficient to create urgent output for the Customer.

Prototyping Modeling is a repetitive development Process, in first attempt good product could not develop. Most engineers and developers insist that if you create a good product; put the first attempt of prototyping development into bin. The most authentic use of the Prototyping Development Process is the Gain of Experience.

Mostly the Prototyping Modeling is very useful when the clarity about the Software Product is not clear from the customer’s point of view. Then the development team took help from the Prototyping Modeling to understand the Customers stories.

It is also very useful for solving the technical issues of the Software Product. Prototyping Process is very useful for increasing the efficiency of data structures and the efficient utilization of the hardware.

The major uses of the Prototyping Models are:

It is used when the Customer requirements are not clear.
It is also very useful when the technical issues encountered in Software Product Development.