Pak-Afghan border region, Drone strikes reveal changing attitude in US strategy - Movingtrend

Dawn - Wednesday October 18, 2017

A top United States military official has said about the new military drone strikes on enemy locations are directed by the dictates called fight against militants.

Approximately 70 strikes are directed in Afghanistan region which includes drone and ground attacks. Thirteen people were killed in these attacks near the Pak-Afghan border in two days. It is unparalleled increase in the US military attacks in Pak-Afghan border area, Pentagon’s Joint Staff Director Lt Gen Kenneth F. McKenzie remarking on media reporting.

Answering to fresh US military strikes, Gen McKenzie told a Pentagon news that these strikes were "dictated by the requirements of the battle." He also added, "I can assure you that any strike that occurs is in full compliance with the Law of Armed Conflict, and is actually conducted with a pretty strenuous eye toward minimising civilian casualties. "

As the Trump administration in August launched a new Policy for South Asia. Now the Trump administration is reviewing the Drone policy as well and taking interest to modifying it.

The former President of US Obama administration put some constraints on Drone strikes, but the Trump administration want to get rid of two big limitations about drone strikes.

1. "Continuing and imminent threat" to american, only high level militants can be attacked
2. High level scrutinization is done before the execution of drone strikes and raids

But the new policy which is not publicly declared allowed the US military and CIA to conduct the low level targets, and no approval is required for the high-level clearance before attack.

The one condition of the Obama administration will hold that is "near certainty", no passerby will be targeted.

Media reports also claimed that the CIA requested the Trump administration for the conduct of the secret drone attacks in Afghanistan and other red zones of the war region. But till now, CIA only allowed to conduct the secret drone attacks against the Al-Qaeda and other terrorists shelter in Pakistan's tribal region.

The CIA's query get positive response from white house " the White House appears to favour" despite "the misgivings of some at the Pentagon"

Obama administrations enforced the rare use of the Drone attacks but the Trump administration don't show any respect to this approach of the former President of US.

Trump administration showed a hard gesture while giving the South Asia Poliicy and said, "The killers need to know they have nowhere to hide, that no place is beyond the reach of American might and American arms." He gave the solid statement "Retribution will be fast and powerful, as we lift restrictions and expand authorities in the field ."