'Ittefaq' is recreated by Abhay Star Sonakshi, Sidhart and Akshay Khanna - Movingtrend

Movingtrend - Thursday Ocotber 05, 2017

Rajesh Khanna's 'Ittefaq' is recreated by Abhay Chopra. Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan will co-produce this new brand of the old 'Ittefaq' film.

This movie stars Sonakshi Sinha, Sidharth Malhotra and Akshay Khanna. Shah Rukh Khan was eager to act in this film but due to packed schedule, he backed out. Shah Rukh Khan said, ""I wanted to do the film. I really wanted to do it when I heard the script. But I was doing other films. So, I couldn’t. But the team, which is doing right now, is great. "

Sonakshi Sinha shared her poster of Upcoming movie Ittefaq and write, I'm a victim who got accused of being a criminal! Dont you want to hear my story?!?

Sidhrath also define his character and write, I am accused of a crime I did not commit! Wait for my story.

Karan Johar shared the look of Akshay Khanna and said about the character, He trusts no one and suspects everyone! He only wants the TRUTH!

Shah Rukh Khan Shared the poster of the upcoming movie Ittefaq and wrote, Every crime has suspects and every suspect has a story!

Sonakshi the lead actress of the 'Ittefaq' movie says, "I have not seen the old Ittefaq. So for me, I am doing a new film. And I am sure a lot of people from our generation have not seen the original Ittefaq either. The way film is rewritten and adapted to fit in today’s scenario and time makes it a fresh film. I am looking at it as a new film."

This movie is going to be released on November 3rd.