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Movingtrend - Wednesday Oct 4, 2017

Hardware products crashed rate are higher in the beginning but the with the time useful life of the h/w products increases. Software Products crashed rate is maximum when the testing and integration operations are performed.

Crashed rate or Failure rate of any product is displayed in Picture.

Hardware Products

At the beginning the failure rate of the Hardware Products is very high. But it decreases with the time as the flawed components recognized and removed. Now the product is entered into its valuable life time or useful life.

Now after useful life the crashed rate of the Hardware Product is increases again and this failure is termed as ‘Wear Out’. The components of the Hardware Product are exhausted and could not function properly. The reliability or consistency of the Product is decreased. The consistency or reliability of the Hardware Product is shown in the figure.

Software Product

Software Products crashed rate are maximum at the level of Testing and Integration. Testing phase identified more and more errors and eliminated those errors. Removing of errors definitely reduced the crashed rate of the Software Product. Error removing process is continued during the useful life of the Software Product. Software Products are become old and of no use, so no increase in the crashed rate of the Software Product.

Difference B/W Software and Hardware

# Software Product Hardware Product
1 Software is built according to the client request. . Hardware is assembled from existing components
2 Software is the outcome of the development. Hardware is manufactured.
3 Software is adaptable or flexible. Hardware is not adaptable.
4 Software is become obsolete or old. Hardware lifetime is ‘Wear Out’.
5 Software Product is the written instructions of the developer to perform a task. Hardware Product is the combination of the electrical and mechanical components to perform a job.