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Movingtrend – Friday October 27, 2017

The Samsung is worked on the Foldable Mobile and the information which has been released about the Galaxy X till implies that the Phone will be similar to foldable-Flip. The phone will hit the market in 2018 and release will be limited.

Foldable Tech

LetsGoDigital uploaded the certification document filed in Korea – The document clarify that the Galaxy X will be bendable over and it uses the hinge design system. The front of the device has long screen which is foldable or bendable. Hinge element has placed between the two main screens and foldable. The foldable screen tech will allow the phone screen turnover and make it small and will take little room in the pocket of the user.

Over a year Samsung has working on the Galaxy X, and now Samsung Mobile CEO said: its release will be limited and it will be available in Korea only.

Will it be the final design of the company for Galaxy X, there is no surety about it? There is lot of different foldable design for Samsung but how Galaxy X will look like. Which design company has to opt?

It is an experimental project for the Samsung, how it will receive by the users of the Samsung. This foldable feature will not become the definite part of the incoming Galaxy S9.