Evolutionary Development Model – Let’s know What is it? – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Sunday October 15, 2017

Evolutionary Software Development Model is also called Incremental Model. Evolutionary Development Model worked on delivering functions. Each time a new functional unit is delivered till the entire system functionality is achieved. This Software Development Model is also known as the Successive or sequential Model because it delivered software in incremental or Sequential addition of the Functional Units.

This software Development Process is very useful where the central or main functionality of Software Product is required. Core features of the Software Product are delivered firstly and then the other additional functionality is delivered in incremental form of the Functional Unit. Each Functional unit is delivered to the customer and feedback is taken by the development team.

It delivered partially developed system to the Client. This model reduces the chances of the errors, because the core is tested completely. And each incoming Functional unit is also tested and incrementally integrated to the system plus obtain the feedback from the customer on each functional unit delivery.

It supported the object- oriented software development because each functional unit is taken as module of the software Product. Integration of every new module is enhanced the functionality of the Software Product.

This software Development approach is utilized in large Software Development products because developers need modules for the successive implementation. With each module the size of the Software Product is increased.