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Movingtrend – Sunday October 29, 2017

If you like to text from your ChromeBook, then wait this feature is in queue and coming with Android 8.1. This feature will provide you chance to send the SMS messages from your latptops through the android Phones.

Android code gives the clue about this feature SMS-Connect, which is shown with additional messages how to establish the feature. Currently it is not working but in future it will be used as feature in ChromeBook. This information was derived from the scraps of code hidden in Chrome OS.

"Read and reply to messages on your Chromebook," explains the uncovered screen. "To set up SMS Connect, allow access to your phone calls, messages, and contacts. Your wireless carrier's standard messaging rates may apply."

Numerous browsers have delivering this functionality since many years, so it will not be and unusual service if the Google takes initiative to deliver this feature with Chromebook. The snippets of code was first exposed by the ARS Technica, and it looks that by changing browsers flags the SMS Connect can be enabled on Google’s Chromebook, but it is not operating by doing this activity.

Code snippets also suggest that this feature seems Pixel exclusive, in code name of Pixels Devices are mentioned. As we know Pixels phone use hotspots network, so no set up will require.

SMS Connect feature will give the easiness to Chromebook users. It provides SMS Synchronization on Chromebook. Android 8.1 is coming with some add-ons in Chromebook.

Source- Techradar