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Decision table is used to represent the complex processing logic in a tabular (table like form) or matrix form. The table is the combination of the rows and columns. Each row is called rule in Decision table. And each rule indicates that if the condition is true then the corresponding action is executed.

The Decision table is divided into two groups of rows. The upper groups of the rows denote the variables and conditions to be calculated or evaluated. The lower groups of the rows denote the actions to be taken according to the corresponding conditions.

Let’s take an example of the Event Membership Software (EMS). The data is shown in table form. The upper part of the table is shown the conditions, and lower part of the table is shown the action to be taken according to the corresponding conditions. As we know that each column of the table is rule.

Let’s understand this technique uses in Event Membership Software (EMS). It is software for the event which held annually.
New Member to join
Renewal Membership
Cancel Membership

New Member to Join

DecisionWhen the new member option is selected, the Event membership software asks the details about the member in the form of name, address, contact number, id etc.
Action after the entrance of the data, the membership record for the member is created and the bill is printed for the tickets of the event.

Renewal Options

Decision It is firstly check the validation of the membership by taking name and id from the users. It is check whether the member is valid or invalid.
ActionIf the membership is valid, then the expiry date of the membership is updated. And the bill for the sustained membership is generated.

Cancel Membership

Decision The membership cancel option is used to cancel the membership. The software asks the members name and its id and then confirmed the cancel membership.
Actions The membership is cancelled by ‘cancel membership option’ and cheque for the security amount is printed by the software. And the record from the database is deleted.