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Software Requirement Specifications written document is a tough task to accomplish. If SRS document is written by the beginners then it is prone to lot of mistakes which includes incompleteness, doubts, and conflicts in requirements. Existence of such problems in SRS document leads to serious problems in development phase of Software Lifecycle.

Some problems which are considered as the bad characteristics of SRS document includes:

Over-Specification or description

Over-Specification is the bad property of the SRS document. Let’s suppose there is list of the event membership. How to issue the membership is in ascending order or descending order or by the member’s first name list? This fact in the Event membership software is considered as the over-specification.

Forward Reference

It is about the missing of requirement which is used in next stage of the problem. The forward reference is missing in first part of the problem. As we know that the content of any book could easily searched by its indexing and any book could easily searched by its ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Such details are taken as unrelated at preliminary stages.

Whish-full Thinking

Requirements which are difficult to implement is considered as the Whish-full Thinking. There is no need to describe such requirements in SRS document.


The unrelated material, data or information which cannot be used or associated to software development, is known as the noise.