Why Software Life Cycle Method – Let’s know what is it? – Movingtrend

Movingtrend – Wednesday October 11, 2017

To develop a software Product is not an easy task, it needs a proper planning and defined set of milestones. The developer team should also track the activities from entry to exit and from exit to entry points of the Software Product. A best software product should be error free, maximize resource utilization, and minimize response time.

Software development Life Cycle or methods are also called the Software Process models. Life Cycle methods are the narrative or descriptive understanding of the software products which also shows the visual or pictorial representation of the Software development activities.

The core or the basic use of the Life Cycle is to show the track of all activities which is done to make a Software Product. It is the storehouse, to bag the order of the tasks for the development of the Software Project.

There are lots of tasks performed or milestones achieved from the beginning to the completion of the Software Product. There are different Software Development Life Cycle Methods are available to develop a product which is Customer oriented. According to the customer requirements the Life Cycle is chosen for the Development. Life Cycles divide the activities of Software Product Development in different phases.

Why we need Software Development Life Cycle

According to the Customers stories development team is chosen the Life Cycle Method. To make the complex activities simpler, Life Cycle Method provides a stage for regular and disciplined development. It is helpful to make decisions about when and what to do. It decreases the chances of the Project failure due to systematic and planned development. There is well-defined beginning and ending step of the development process. Using Development methods it is easy to track or monitor the progress of the Project. It reduces the delivery time of the Software Product. Using Process Models the maintenance is easily done. (Maintenance is life –long process for the Software Development Product) Bugs and error fixation has become easy by using the Software Process Models.