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Vella Electric Bicycles, over the last three years our teams has been working on this bicycle design with the goal to easy the lives of the urban commuters. On its clean shape the Vella has a removable battery, a USB port for charging devices, a GPS tracking system in a powerful motor which ranges up to 30 miles.

Means of urban transportations has evolved greatly over the years and bikes now stand out is the fastest, most efficient and sustainable way to commute. Hybrid and four combustion engine vehicles have greatly contributed to our natural gas missions causing climate imbalances all around our home planet.

As a viable alternative to change the scenario Vella has merged the simplicity of the bicycle with high tech components for the daily commuter. Available in four colors is much demanded, a high torque electric engine on the rear wheel provide speeds up to 20 miles per hour at 350 watts of power. The super strong frame in three sizes and has all over rust preventing coat.

The bike has a remote control lock security system with an alarm and the GPS tracker can be accessed online. Designed to be practical so breaks help to reduce the bikes overall weight which comes to only 40 pounds. The leather saddle adjusts your body shape and reduces any impact over body on the road for smother ride.


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