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A better alternative to the conventional mobility scooter it’s called the Liberty Trike and it’s built right here in the USA. For many people active stability on bicycle can be difficult but with the Liberty Trike balance and stability are supplemented allowing you to get out more enjoy the outdoors and be more active.

The best thing about this mobility machine is the fact that you can ride effortlessly with the twist of a throttle be as active as you want to be by peddling along. The Liberty Trike is a very powerful electric tricycle with a compact frame, wide tires and lithium battery pack. This Trike safely and comfortably empowers you to go almost anywhere whether it’s going to the grocery store around the corner or It’s going your kids soccer practice. We are just getting out to enjoy the great outdoors you can be active the choice is yours.

The liberty trike is also folding and completely separable so it can be transported into lighter weight pieces. This makes it easy to take your trike with you in a vehicle without the need for heavy rack. Electric bike technologies have been in the business of making conversion systems for bicycles and tricycles since 2008.

The frame on this tricycle is made by Worksmen cycles. America’s oldest and most experienced industrial tricycle manufacturer. So you know it’s made America strong.

Look at all the things this Trike can do it can pull heavy loads of 300 pounds up hills with ease. The lithium battery pack will take you between 10 and 24 miles on a single charge and charges up to full in about 3 hours. With the top electric speed of 7.5 miles per hours the Liberty trike can get you where you want to go quickly. Wide 16 inch by 2 and half inch tires provide stability and comfort all around. The narrow rear end of the frames allows you to navigate doorways with ease and 360 degree turning radius help you to move over in tight spots. 


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