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This is your computer, your tablet and your smartphone and these are the things that need your protection. All of us use the internet to read news, shop, communicate and share every day. But are you aware that internet companies are invisibly profiling and tracking you and your family with every single click you make.

Google, Facebook and other internet companies know everything about you. Where you live, where you work for and how much money you make. They know who your friends are, your traveling habits, religious believes, and health status and even you’re most intimate desires. They literally know everything about you.

Our vision is an internet where all users have full control of that data again. You want an internet where you decide whether you want to pay with your data or rather keep your profile secret. That’s why we found E-blocker. E-blocker is a small device that easily connects to any existing home network. Once connected it automatically configures itself to your home setup, no software installation or user configuration is necessary.

It works with every connected device whether it’s your computer, tablet, smart TV, phone, game console or your new watch. The privacy of you and your family is immediately protected on all of your devices. Using E-blocker you have full control of who is profiling it and whether you want to see Ads 1-click your decision.


E-blocker also integrates with the Tor Network so your real IP address will never be visible if you don’t want it to. Combing tracker blocking, Ad-blocking and the ability to conceal your IP into a single and very easy to use device. There are skilled team of German IT Engineers and they’ve have shown that our technology works.  Stop putting your privacy at risk switch it back on.


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