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Zeto foldable and lightweight bike - Movingtrend

This is Bob. Bob loves his bike he really like to ride through the countryside and he would like to take his bike everything but unfortunately he can’t. He can’t take his bike on the bus. He can’t take it on the plan or into the elevator. But fortunately there is a solution folding bike.

Zeto is able to fold into the size of your backpack even if it’s a standard size bike. It’s made of strong yet lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Thanks to telescopic frame parts and segmenting wheels. It is possible to achieve small dimensions when folded integrated planetary gear up brings countless benefits compared to traditional gear you have. The brakes are in many ways better than rim brake’s and also they are more durable. Thanks to composite materials tires are puncture proof yet lightweight like every part of this bike.

This bike can be stored in every small corner under the bed, in the closet where ever you want. You can even put a few of them in the trunk of your car and take them on the trip with you can take this bike anywhere really anywhere.


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