MicroBot Push Buttons the latest electric technology - Movingtrend

If you look around buttons are everywhere. They are carrying many colors, shape style and in many other ways. Very much in common if you make them work you push. What if you push them without physically being where they are? What if you can make them work automatically on their own?

Introducing MicroBot Push, the tiny wireless robot to push any button. You can put this with your smartphone. Push is very easy to install and can be used just attaching on the surface where the button you want to push. You can use it with your smart phone to push it from anywhere any time even from outside.

No wires, no tools require with Push. You can control your light switches, turn on your home computer, play music, and start making coffee, turn off/on electric fans and many other options. It’s only limited by your imagination. Push is simple and yet very sophisticated.

In fact, if you don’t have need a smartphone to use it. It just works with a “pop” sound. It’s also automated with some other considerations that how you want your micro button to be automated using scribbles notes. It auto complete all the features you need. With MicroBot Push, it start making coffee when you wake, get things on your desk ready when you enter your office, turn on lights when the sun goes down and a lot more done automatically without using your smartphone.