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Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Affordable Aquarium - Movingtrend

The coolest piece of living art, the world has ever seen. Introducing the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano the easiest and most affordable aquarium that makes Jellyfish keeping simple for anyone. A special laminar water flow not possible in regular fish tanks driven by a whisper quite air pump keeps conditions just right for healthy Jellyfish.

The tank is hand molded. A remote control LED changes the color of Jellyfish can appear blue filtration media and nitrate free salt keep the water crystal clear. A new jelly fish food blend keeps them happy and healthy. It comes with all the accessories needed to set up in 10 minutes so all you need to do is add water.


A real Jellyfish just like you seen the Vanilla ice project on DIY network. Well now you can bring it to the house, anywhere in the country. That’s right the company can ship the food to you, they can ship the Jellyfish to you and you can have it anywhere set it on your nightstand. You’ll be the coolest envy of the neighborhood. They’ve have made that jellyfish easy for anyone. As Jellyfish are mesmerizing, peaceful, relaxing, fun, educational, easy to care for and absolutely beautiful 


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