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Introducing the Evapolar the world first portable air conditioner designed for personal use. It can be used to enjoy cool and moist air exactly where you need it. Evapolar which uses cooling effects where air is causing the issue and this natural breathing cools your body gently. It’s very safe and reliable than the conventional air conditioners and can easily give you a cold influence.

As the major element in making Evapolar we used the special developed high-tech evaporated material. It consists of many nanofibers although it has a simple look the inner structure is complex. This material allowed us to take a fresh look on a conventional air conditioner and exclude anything that makes in bulky. It was also very important for us to develop a material that is not only safe to use but absolutely echo friendly.

Evapolar was made to initially fees interior design pieces at office, at home or in any place you need it. Think of your personal comfort here finally you can get to read of things that control planet around you by yourself.


Evapolar is very easy to use all you need to do is to fill the removable water tank. Select the desired power and relax as it will cool within a short time. It is noise less and doesn’t vibrate. This will help you to focus on what is really important for you.


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