Derak bicycle secure with Bluetooth technology - Movingtrend

We started testing material and prototype you wanted to create bike that are safe comfortable and excellently design. In order to achieve this we use these best materials possible without affecting the weight of bike. By using the latest technology laser tech, 3d prints we were able to create fine creative engineering and design which were tested by specialist in laboratories. All of these pieces were combined to create a wonderful product. We believe this is the future of bike. We have created a bike that doesn’t looks like any other. But in less than 10 seconds it becomes the safest bike you can find. Your bike is your love and if someone tries to steal it must be breaking, rendering it useless. Now you don’t have to worry about parked bikes. And you will find it where you’re left. This is compatible with all parked structures like bike parking, fence, and folds after eight inches. We know that riding together it’s exciting so locking to Derak is extremely easy. Furthermore to ensure the effectiveness of our technology we are working on creating an awesome Bluetooth technology between your smartphone. You’re Derak now it’s more comfortable than ever to park your bike and there’s no need for extra accessories.