Cujo, The Smart Internet Security Device - Movingtrend

Cujo is a smart internet security device the guards all with your connected devices. It blocks malware from being installed it identifies viruses and phishing scams and it detects criminal attempts to hack your home. You may not know it but you’ve probably already been hacked. You are an easy target for cyber criminals don’t get hacked protect you home and family.

Cujo learns from your device behavior and identifies anomalies as soon as they occur. Unlike antivirus software that only watches your PC and unlike firewalls that outdated the moment they ship. Cujo continuously adapts to guard your entire home. Internet enterprises pay thousands for such security.  With cujo you can rest assured that you’re connected home is protected.


Just plug into to your router with one cable. It will immediately start protecting all devices on the network as well as any new ones that connect later.