Carbon Fiber bike 35miles in one battery charge - Movingtrend

The average American travels 30 miles per day in their car. Spins around 40 hours per year stuck in traffic jams but it doesn’t have to be that way. An increasing number of Americans are taking advantage of the growing number of bikes paths and greenways to get where they want to go. Whether to the workplace, a favorite park, a local brewery or a restaurant. While there’s no doubt that cycling is one of the most far and exhilarating ways to get around. Anyone especially who has encountered a steep climb on a warm summer day knows firsthand just how quickly a fun ride can turn into a serious workout. Electric bikes are quickly changing the way people think about cycling no longer hills and tough climbs have to stand between you and where you want to go. As much fun as electric bikes are most bikes currently on the market are very heavy makes carrying them upstairs, loading them onto a bike rack or peddling them home once the battery dies not a whole lot of fun for anyone that’s all about to change starting right now. Thanks to our revolutionary new Carbon Fiber electric bike. The interest’s bikes all go as a bike for all people in all terrain at just 33 pounds including the battery. The all go is an electric bike that feel and rode’s like a normal bike allows riders to take advantage of a powerful that drive motor that provides an extra boost to make climbing hills easier than before. On flat terrain riders can choose to take advantage of extra power to battle head winds are maintained speeds up to 28 miles per hour. While covering over 35 miles per charge the integrated digital display keeps riders connected by showing speed, remaining battery power, and distance travelled outside temperature and current workout. Charging the removable battery is as easy as plugging in within four hours battery will be fully charged and ready for another ride. An additional feature we’re rolling out for pre-order campaign supporters is a lightweight trailer designed for adventure. The study frame and proven design makes carrying outdoor sports gear groceries or other items convenient and easy. The trailer includes the waterproof bags that helps protect your items and makes a great place to stash. An extra battery doubling of your trips and allow you to take on with bigger adventures while this bike is ideal for adventures is also great for days spin around town.