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Bimoz superhero bike for hills and steeps - Movingtrend

24 Nov, 2016 359 0 00min:00sec(s) read
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You don’t want to get to the office all sweaty that’s for sure you have no time for exercise. Because you waste your life in your car, hey your life is outside, not in your car. You just have to reach out and leave your car in the garage because your bike can be electric with Bimoz. If more people had more fun and bikes then things will be better on the roads for our environments and for you too. And if more people switch to bikes the better off we will be. Bimoz has the power that you don’t have in the mornings. Your gateway drug, you’re strong ally in the slopes and against head winds. Your trainer if you want to ride up mountains or on the flat. It listens to your heart when you’re training. You and your bike become one it shows your friends, where you went and if you want you can do something good for others by describing your routes and sharing them with your friends. You do not need any machine noises to get up a mountain. Bimoz turns you into a superhero because Bimoz get to the feeling that the power comes from your legs. Somehow between a tail wind a slight downhill on the mountain but only if that is what you want. Without the drive your bike is your bike you can ride it like your bike and on the whole it looks just like your bike.


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