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Ampler an electric bike for Commuter - Movingtrend

24 Nov, 2016 342 0 00min:00sec(s) read
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What if you could get door to door a quick and in effortless fashion and what if you can even enjoy the commute. Now introducing the Ampler. Ampler is a smart electric bicycle for the modern commuter. It makes personnel transport effortless cheap and fast. Ampler electric assistance takes you further without breaking a sweat while giving you all the freedom and fun of a regular bicycle. Riding Ampler is hassle-free because you simply cycle. It’s effortless. The electric assistance makes peddling lighter giving you superpowers and a smile. You can easily pick it up and place it where you needed because of specials materials technology. We’ve made the bike 35% lighter than the average electric bike. It makes peddling so easy even hills become flat. You can bike for 70 kilometers in one charge if you need to go even further the works just like a conventional bicycle and you simply paddle on. By regulating how hard you paddle you control the extra moves. This means you will always have control over the bike. The minimalist looks hold all premium components. We’ve also made it super affordable by cutting off the distributor network and getting the bike directly to you. We saw that the only way to introduce it in accessible high quality and great looking electric bike in the world was to build it ourselves by using premium parts. And fitting the battery into the frame you’ve come up with a great looking and lightweight commuter bike. All of our bikes are hand assembled in Europe and thanks to our already established supply chain it will be delivered on time.


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